Carolyn Marsden

Carolyn_Marsden1. How did you come to the story, Moon Runner?

I came to this story, or rather it came to me, when my older daughter was in fifth grade.  She’d been in a small charter school with no track team up to that point and had just transferred to a regular school. To her surprise, she found she was very good at running and long jump. She also found herself at odds with two girls who had always considered themselves athletes.  I watched the action unfold, took notes, and used my imagination. I also adjusted the “facts,” for example, compressing the two friends into the girl Ruth.

2. What makes Mina a strong girl?

My character. Mina, is a strong girl because she thinks through her actions.  She doesn’t just run her fastest or slow down to please Ruth, but looks for a way to compromise so both are happy.

3. Please complete this sentence: Strong girls_____

consider their options and choose wisely.

4. What are you working on now?

I’m now working on a sci fi for teens.  My main character, Calliope, is also a strong girl.  Hopefully this book will be ready by the time the readers of MOON RUNNER are teens.


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