Fun Stuff and Photos


Here are photos from Girls of Summer 2016 wth the fabulous Carole Weatherford!






And a walk down memory lane to 2015 with Aisha Saeed and Sharon Draper.

A night under the stars - The library was transformed by staff!

A night under the stars – The library was transformed by staff!


The lovely Aisha Saeed

The lovely Aisha Saeed


With the legendary Sharon Draper!

IMG_2932 IMG_2935 IMG_2941

Ashley Matthews and Wendy Sewak of the Junior League of C'ville worked with the Northside library to bring us out west

Ashley Matthews and Wendy Sewak of the Junior League of C’ville worked with the Northside library to bring us out west


Singing engineers? Yep. The opening entertainment at Girls of Summer west!

Singing engineers? Yep. The opening entertainment at Girls of Summer west!

Gigi, CeCe Bell, Marilyn Hilton and Meg

Gigi, CeCe Bell, Marilyn Hilton and Meg

Your favorite authors have told us what they think it means to be a strong girl.

Make your own strong girl word cloud using Tagxedo or another word cloud generator and your favorite author quotes. 

Here’s your word bank. 

2014 Authors

Donna Jo Napoli: “Strong girls can help weak girls… and weak boys; just take their hands and dance them dizzy.”

Hannah Barnaby: “Strong girls always manage to find each other, and strong girls tell their stories.

Lynne Rae Perkins: “Strong girls care.”

eE. Charlton Trujillo: “Strong girls aren’t afraid to stand in their power, truth and embrace that when knocked down, it is simply an opportunity to get back up.”

Victoria Bond: “Strong girls trust themselves.

T.R. Simon: “Strong girls like themselves.”

Teri Kanefield: “Strong girls often don’t get the credit they deserve because they are girls.”

Carolyn Marsden:“Strong girls consider their options and choose wisely.”

Kelly Cunnane: “Strong girls are open to learning, and govern their lives by being curious about themselves and others and all around them…”

Cynthia Lord: “Strong girls are everywhere.”

2013 Authors

Doreen Rappaport: “Strong girls are you.”

Guadalupe Garcia McCall: “Strong girls rock the boat.”

Karen Lotz: “Strong girls write their stories down.”

Catherine Catmull: “Strong girls take care of themselves and each other. Strong girls make crazy mistakes and learn from them and go on to make more, and learn more. Strong girls speak their minds; and strong girls do that even harder thing, speaking their hearts.”

K.P. Madonia: “Strong girls find balance between establishing and honoring their individuality while participating in their community.

Marthe Jocelyn: Strong girls keep laughing.”

Neela Vaswani: “Strong girls are the engine of the world and are everywhere–including inside you!

Sy Montgomery: “Strong girls rock.”

Tanita Davis: “Strong girls thrive.”

Timothy Basil Ering: “Strong girls always have a positive outlook on everything, every day. Strong girls are listeners, learners, helpers, creators, and leaders. Strong girls respect nature, people, and all creatures, and strong girls are respected. Strong girls are sensitive but make the tough times that inevitably happen in everyone’s life, seem easy and not so tough. Strong girls stay healthy by eating healthy foods. Strong girls are able to overcome times of great despair because they know that this is a secret to longevity of life. And, strong girls have great minds that know what is right and what is wrong. Strong girls are beautiful.”

2012 Authors

Maribeth Boelts: “Strong girls have flying dreams.”

Margaret Cardillo: “Strong girls…are born, but more often than not, they’re made.”

Julia Denos: “Strong girls are like shooting stars, blazing trails in the sky.”

Jo Knowles: “Strong girls want to help make the world a better place for EVERYONE.”

Laura Resau: “Strong girls think outside the box to creatively define themselves, their dreams, their goals, and their lives.”

Veronica Rossi: “Strong girls believe in themselves and never, ever quit.”

Wendy Shang: “Strong girls remember that it’s kick butt first, then paint toenails!”

Tanya Lee Stone: “Strong girls will make their own dreams come true.”

Ann Ursu: “Strong girls read fantasy!”

Lila Quintero Weaver: “Strong girls aren’t born fearless; they just get a kick out of facing down their fears.”

Dori Jones Yang: “Strong girls create more choices for their lives!”


2011 Authors

Kelly Bingham:Strong girls aren’t always aware they’re strong! Strong girls love themselves and accept themselves–all parts of themselves, the good, bad, ugly, and attractive, inside and out, and strong girls believe in themselves. When put to the test, strong girls do their best–and are often surprised at the results.”

April Henry: “Strong girls can do anything.”

Cathryn Clinton: “A strong girl is one who knows she has to live ‘who’ she is uniquely created to be and goes for it, even when she is fearful about finding her truths, overcoming obstacles, or even disagreeing at times with important people in her life.”

Jacqueline Woodson: “Strong girls are everywhere.”

Kathryn Erskine: “Strong girl stand up for what they believe in, including themselves.”

Malinda Lo: “Strong girls kick ass, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Steve Watkins: “Strong girls like to pull the heads off Barbies every now and then.”

Sonya Hartnett: “Strong girls know they are just as good as everyone else.”

Valerie O. Patterson: “Strong girls forge their own paths.”



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