Robin Morgan


Last year Gigi and I launched a new Guest Star Strong Girl. We invited an über strong girl and author to provide a kick-off post for the summer. Children’s book historian and author of I’ll Pass for Your Comrade, Anita Silvey was our inaugural star.

The tradition continues! This year, it’s our honor to introduce the one and only Robin Morgan, who joins us on Girls of Summer to share about her books, The Mer-Child and The Burning Time.

It’s impossible to overstate Robin’s work to improve the lives of girls and women worldwide through empowerment. She is the one of the founders of feminism in America, and during the fiery early years of the movement, she led marchers to protest the 1968 Miss America pageant. [Ever wonder where the line “burn your bra” came from? Look here.] Many of the rights girls routinely enjoy today are the result of the hard and sustained work of Robin Morgan and other sisters in the Women’s Movement.

Robin is the former Editor-in-chief of Ms. Magazine, and the author of twenty books, including three now-famous anthologies Sisterhood Is Powerful, Sisterhood Is Global, and Sisterhood Is Forever. She’s also the founder of the international think tank, Sisterhood is Global institute and of Women’s Media Center , which works to make sure that “a diverse group of women is present in newsrooms, on air, in print and online, in film, entertainment, and theater, as sources and subjects.” You can enjoy Robin’s frank and smart interviews every week on her Saturday morning podcast, Women’s Media Center Live, which you can also download for free on iTunes.

We have selected Robin as our guest star because of her astounding commitment to mentoring and supporting girls and women over the course of her entire career. But we’ve also picked Robin because of her unwavering respect for Young Adult literature – and for the young people who read it. Here she tells us about two of her titles.

Robin’s full bio:

Follow Robin on Twitter @TheRobinMorgan


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